About Me

About Robyn Mitchell

Hello and welcome! I'm Robyn Mitchell, Chief Creative Director at Lovelight Design Studio and a dynamic member of the Roanoke community. My journey weaves together a tapestry of art, leadership, global exploration, and profound community commitment.

A Rich Educational Tapestry

My educational journey began at Virginia State University, studying Marketing and Management. This experience at an esteemed HBCU laid a strong foundation for both my personal and professional identity. I continued to broaden my horizons at Virginia Western Community College, where I earned an Associate of Applied Science in Information Systems Technology. My academic path then led me to Roanoke College, where I graduated with a Bachelor’s in Business Administration, cum laude, and was honored as the Outstanding Student in Business Information Systems in 2018.

Artistic Vision and Community Engagement

As the creative mind behind Lovelight Design Studio and co-owner of The Nalia Closet, my work transcends conventional boundaries. My role in the Roanoke community extends to being the City of Roanoke Artist in Residence and collaborating with various local organizations. My efforts were recognized when I was named to The Roanoker Magazine's 40 Under 40, highlighting my significant impact within our community.

Learn more about my journey in The Roanoker Magazine's 40 Under 40 article here.

Global Insights from a Passionate Traveler

Having traveled to over 30 countries, I bring a global perspective to my local endeavors. These travels not only fuel my creativity but also enrich the cultural fabric of our projects and initiatives.

The Power of Connection

I am a firm believer in the spirit of collective impact. Through my work with the Jr B.O.S.S. Academy, Trifecta, Inc., and Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., I strive to unite efforts and drive meaningful change. It is my conviction that together, we can achieve more.

I am always open to new collaborations, community initiatives, or simply to share a conversation. I believe that every connection is a doorway to new opportunities and shared successes. Let's inspire and create positive change together!